Sitambarana Odia Book

“Sitambarana” holds a significant place in Odia literature, as it encompasses a captivating narrative that has touched the hearts of countless readers for over a century. ✍️ The book stands as a testament to Punyaprabha Debi’s literary prowess and her ability to craft a story that resonates deeply with readers. Within the pages of “Sitambarana,” … Lees meer

Buddhadebanka Upadeshabali – Part 1

Buddhadebanka Upadeshabali – Part 1 is an illuminating self-improvement book written in the Odia language. Derived from the teachings of the enlightened Buddhist monk, Ven. Buddhadeb, this book serves as a profound guide for individuals seeking personal growth, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment.Authored with clarity and simplicity, “Buddhadebanka Upadeshabali – Part 1″ explores various facets … Lees meer

Hanuman Chalisha Odia Book

“Hanuman Chalisa” is a timeless Odia book that is dedicated to the worship and glorification of Lord Hanuman, the revered deity in Hindu mythology. Written in the form of a devotional hymn by Goswami Tulsidas, this book encapsulates the devotion, virtues, and miracles associated with Lord Hanuman. The “Hanuman Chalisa” consists of forty verses, each … Lees meer